A Tour of the Senate House Library Special Collection

We are pleased to announce an exciting line-up for the tour of the Senate House Library Historic Collections, scheduled on Tuesday 17th!

Philip Abraham (KCL); William Bulman, (Lehigh);  Joseph Lane (LSE); Jordan Landes (Senate House Library); Emma Pauncefort (UCL) will be speaking about how their research – many of them directly concerned with stereotypes – engage with rare books held at the Special Collections. The holding includes the famous Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature, containing ‘some 70,000 printed books, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts, broadsides and proclamations from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, with particular strengths to 1850’. Our library tour will demonstrate that this collection can serve scholars working on subjects well beyond economic history, to include political, religious and cultural histories. It will also make rare books at the library accessible to social scientists.


William Bulman, Lehigh University

Rycaut, Paul. The present state of the Ottoman Empire. : Containing the maxims of the Turkish politie, the most material points of the Mahometan religion, their sects and heresies … London, 1668.

Jordan Landes, Senate House Library
Chalkley, Thomas. A journal or, historical account of the life, travels and Christian experiences, of that antient, faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Chalkley … London, 1751.

Emma Pauncefort, UCL
Relation véritable de la mort barbare & cruelle du roy d’Angleterre : arrivée à Londres le huictiesme fevrier mil six cens quarente-neuf. Paris, 1649
Misson, Henri, de Valbourg, Memoires et observations faites par un voyageur en Angleterre… The Hague, 1698.

Philip Abraham, KCL
Hughes, William, Anglo-Judaeus, or, The history of the Jews whilst here in England : relating their manners, carriage, and usage, from their admission by William the Conqueror, to their banishment … London, 1656

Joseph Lane, LSE
Papers relative to Mr. Champion’s application to Parliament for the extension of the term of a patent

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